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Inland Lowveld Trees

A famous writer once said, “trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heavens”.

 Home to the beautiful Lowveld, South Africa’s range of indigenous trees holds greens, not only captivating by wonder, but excusitivly unique. From its rocky outcrops, pans, seep lines and crests, the loweveld’s diverse home-to-South-Africa plant life can easily be spotted for its one-of-a-kind growth.


 One of these exceptional indigenous   trees is the Boabab (kremetart) tree.   With its unique massive trunk, the Baobab  tree’s branches sprouts in a wayward manner similar to the growth of root, to give the appearance of an upside down tree.   Legend tells that on the day of creation each animals was given a tree to plant and the hyena, given the Baoab, planted his tree upside down. It should never have grown, but because it did it   was ever known  as the tree of life.

 The Baoab tree never lost its name, as it rightfully served in that purpose. The Baobab tree have for any years provided shelter, food and water for the animal and human inhabitants of the African Savannah regions. Because the bark is fire-resistant, it was often used for cloth and rope and the leaves for medicinal purposes. A true indegionas wonder to South Africa.


Like the Baobab tree, our country is rich in many other magnificent indegionas trees. In the Lowveld especially, our indegionas plant range holds a counting of trees known as the big six. They are generally either the tallest or the most common, therefore we can always spot at least one of the, when visiting the Lowveld area.


The Mopane tree is the first, decorated with butterfly leaves and a straight and narrow trunk. The Leawood Bushwillow, being the second, is a very tall, high-branching majestic tree. Its pale-grey bark breaks up into small, regular blocks, like snakeskin, and is characteristic. The Leawood Bushwillow’s leaves are green-yellow with silvery scales. Similarly, the Silver Cluster-Leaf, Marula, Apple-Leaf and Knob-Thorn tree, rounding of the big six, have beautiful features making them unique in the indegionas tree treasures of South Africa.


In honour of these marvellous creations, Treetags provides unique tags, identifying our indegionas heritage for the world and fellow South Africans to spot. With awareness comes preservation and something of value, is always meant to be treasured.


 As said by George Elliot, “it will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses we must plant more trees”.

Plant Labels and Plant Tags

Plant labels and plant tags for people who love trees

Our plant labels and plant tags come in very handy not only on arbor day but everyday.  Protected trees, big trees and trees of the year all need aluminium or plastic plant labels.  When you think of your big trees, trees on your indigenous tree list, your exotic tree list, trees on your big tree register, do not forget to tag them with our aluminium plant labels and or plastic plant labels.  Should you need a tree-id of your premises you will get the best customer service and fastest delivery from TreeTags.




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