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Tree name tags

Durable and customised for you

Treetags is an eco-friendly organisation supplying durable tree name tags, customised to client specifications, as well as informative tree books about indigenous trees of South Africa, tree identification, talks at schools about indigenous trees, tree walks and talks and any other advice and information on trees. 

Our passion for trees is ever growing and we are proud to be a one-stop shop for any tree related product or service.

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We do the Dendrological thing

Our tree tags or garden markers are made from long-lasting and corrosion resistant anodised aluminium or plastic.

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Samples of our tags

Tree Tags supplies durable customised tree name tags, descriptive creature tags, hiking trail tags and many more.


Anodised aluminium

UV resistant

Rust proof

Long lasting

Available in various sizes

Available in Braille

Aluminium Story Tag
Standard Aluminium Tag
story tree tags
animal story tags
information tags

Tree Tags is the proud supplier of tree name tags, tree labels, tree plaques globally

Switzerland, New York, Mauritius, Portland, Rockies, Botswana, England, Swaziland, Malawi, Lesotho, Mosambique, Tanzania and South Africa.

150 x 200mm Black Aluminium Illustrated Tree Story Tags with QR Code
Creature Tags - Helmeted Guinea Fowl
Illustrated Tree Story Tags
Creature Tags

Our Latest New Products!!

Our latest products include illustrated tree story tags and creature tags. These tags display a wealth of information and can be customised to include QR tags.

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+27 (82) 200 7599

98 River Road, Lyttelton, Centurion, 0157

Let's TAG your trees together

… and get to know your favourite indigenous tree, its botanical name, common name in English, Afrikaans and the local African language, age...